Sunday, April 27, 2014


There is a high likelihood that central North Carolina will see the potential for overnight severe weather late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning.

This is especially dangerous for those who are less "connected" with regards to staying abreast of the changing forecast as well as any watches, and more importantly any warnings that may be issued.

Please communicate with family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers the real threat associated with overnight severe weather events.

Studies have found that North Carolina is ranked 1st with the greatest percentage of killer nocturnal tornadoes. They noted that 81% of all tornado deaths in North Carolina during this period occurred at night while only 28% of all tornadoes in North Carolina during this period actually occurred at night.  To put it another way, for every 1,000 nocturnal tornadoes there would be 265 fatalities while for every 1,000 daytime tornadoes, there would be 60 fatalities!

NOAA Weather and All Hazards Radios are readily available at most retail locations who sell electronics (including some larger drug stores) and when properly set, have been proven to save lives by providing advanced notification thus allowing individuals, employees and families to reach pre-designated "safe locations" within their homes and/or work places.

Again, please plan now, ahead of any potentially issued watches and/or warnings.  Have a severe weather evacuation plan with designated "safe locations" in place and practice the plan just as you would with a fire drill.

Stay abreast of the latest forecasts, watches and/or issued warnings by means of NOAA Weather and All Hazards Radio, local news media, smart phone apps and or internet sources.